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Kamis, 22 Agustus 2013

Oil Gas Job Careers 2013 ExxonMobil Indonesia

ExxonMobil’s workforce in Indonesia is a key to its success. Our track record for business success is a direct reflection of the quality of our employees. ExxonMobil companies in Indonesia employ more than 850 people.

Over 90 percent of ExxonMobil staff in Indonesia are Indonesians, many of whom work in positions as managers, engineers, geoscientists, accountants, and administrative and operations staff.
At ExxonMobil Indonesia, recruiting the right people is a key strategy. Our employees are our human energy, and we believe that attracting and retaining A-players helps us keep our leading competitive advantage in the industry.

Job : Laboratory Supervisor

Job Description Basic Purpose of Position :
To manage the BU FF laboratories activities at CPF and FSO, which are responsible for sampling, analysis and reporting of plant surveillance, regulatory, logistic, MOH to product specification.

Key Responsibilities:
1. Ensure safe work practices and work areas
2. Routine work scheduling and monitoring
3. Reviewing and approving data/reports
4. Ensure that business and testing processes, resources (including equipment) and procedures are in place and comply with DIAF and other corporate, regulatory, and industry standard
5. Manage current standard, requirements, and specifitaions are communicated and available to the appropriate laboratory and site personnel
6. Point of contact for external department and third party enquiries, work requests, technical advice, information requests, and troubleshooting
7. Mentoring and developing lab organization
8. Coordinating on line or at line analyzers used for product representation
9. Problem solving and resolution of urgent unplanned breaking and chalenges, to ensure safety of team member is maintained and also customers' needs are met
10. Monitoring data handling and traceability activities
11. Distribute and enter data report into PI/EC, update site KPIs database
12. Consultation role for information availability assist QA Coordinator for all external Audits
13. Coordinating training. Ensures that personnel are trained in sampling, testing, and quality requirements
14. Coordinating laboratory consumables, spare part and equipment maintenance
15. Coordinating document and record control
16. Participates in laboratory assessments, round robin events, and other quality control activities
17. Provides support and initiates continuous improvement opportunities to align with the quality policy as identified in assessments, round robin testing, and so forth. Follows up gaps identified by assessments to ensure timely closure

1. Leadership skills and delegation
2. Trobleshooting and problem solving
3. Computer Literacy
4. Broad chemistry and laboratory experience in oil & gas industry
5. Familiar with ISO 17025, DIAF and QP&G
6. Familiar with test method
1. Have diploma or bachelor degree in a chemistry related field
2. Minimum 10 years laboratory experience in oil & gas industry
3. Have experience in setting up new lab

Office Location (City) AP-IND - Jakarta

Job : Drilling Engineer

Job Description The responsibilities are to maximize the efficiency of ongoing development well program, to provide technical leadership and assist Drilling Engineering Supervisor/Manager. Emphasis will be upon flawless execution of well design.

Minimum Requirements:
• Bachelor degree in Engineering with 5 years minimum continuous experience in Drilling Engineering & Drilling Operations with an operating Company.
•Thorough knowledge of drilling engineering, operations and equipment. Abreast of latest technology & practices in directional drilling, tubular design, wellhead design for sour service, drilling fluids and cementing.
• Strong communication and team work skills.
•Excellent verbal and written communication skills in Bahasa Indonesia and English.

Office Location (City) AP-IND - Jakarta

To apply, visit :  http://exxonmobil.co.id/careers

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