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Selasa, 27 Agustus 2013

Job Opportunity September 2013 PT Elnusa Tbk

PT Elnusa Tbk. was founded as PT Electronika Nusantara based on Indonesia Corporate Establishment Act No.18, dated 25th January 1969, Indonesia Corporate Capital Change No.10, dated 13th February 1969 as witnessed by notary Tan Thong Kie. Such establishment data was recorded at Republic of Indonesia Hall of Record No.35, Annex No.58, dated 2nd May 1969. PT Elnusa named by 9th September 1969.

Elnusa started as a state-owned oil and gas PT Pertamina’s operations support services company. Its services include maintenance and reparation of Pertamina’s vessel shipboard electronic communications equipment, navigational equipment and radar system. Oil tankers owned by other companies working under contract with Indonesia state-owned oil and gas companies were also part of Elnusa clientele.

In 1999, due to competitive and developing business demand and opportunity, Elnusa initiated an internal consolidation in an effort to streamline its operations and business activities. As a result of this consolidation, Elnusa had twelve business units, which were led and managed by the following three divisions:

1. Exploration and Production
2. Telecommunications and Information Technology
3. Patra Niaga

In 2001, Elnusa had its organizational structure restructured, which resulted in the transformation of its three business divisions to the following two directorates :
1. Directorate of Upstream Services
2. Directorate of Downstream Services
3. Non-Oil and Gas Services

In 2004, Elnusa initiated a business process re-engineering which involved mergers and acquisitions. As a result, in 2006 Elnusa had fourteen business affiliations and two business portfolios. Its two primary business focus then were:
1. Integrated oil and gas services
2. Telematics support services

In October 2007, Elnusa yet again restructured itself, this time in an effort to dedicate itself as Indonesia first integrated upstream oil and gas services company, providing a dedicated first-stop services in Indonesia upstream oil and gas services industry. Aside from horizontal consolidation, Elnusa’s four oil and gas services business affiliations were consolidated into its corporate structure as well.

PT Elnusa Tbk. was officially listed at the Indonesia Stock Exchange (Bursa Efek Indonesia) on 6th February 2008. With its own brand of professionalism, transparency, management and clean & trustworthy business ethics, PT Elnusa Tbk. was ready then to take on challenges, nationally, regionally and internationally. Today, PT Elnusa Tbk. is the leader in integrated upstream oil & gas services sector serving both national and multi-national clientele.
Why Join Us?

Trusted Energy Services Company


Expand the business scope into energy services outside the oil and gas services in Indonesia
Achieve the stability of business growth to meet shareholders’ expectation, along with the development of human resources competency and technology proficiency
Reach and keep the customer satisfaction by distributing a high quality product based on the Operation Excellence and QHSE principals
Build a harmony and profitable relationship with government, corporate partners, as well as people

Corporate Values
Elnusa offers quality services, reliable infrastructures, competent human resources and latest technologies. We also preserves its integrity, and quality products and services.

Elnusa is determined to achieve business sustainability by employing Triple Bottom Lines (Profit, People, Planet):

Successful Business
Social Aspect

Elnusa is committed to the following company values:

CLEAN, Integrity, honesty, accountable and clean in conducting business.
RESPECTFUL, Professionalism, quality, continuous improvement, transparency as the basics for business growth and national pride.
SYNERGY, Mutually appreciative cooperation and consolidated alliances to achieve performance.

Lowongan yang dibutuhkan :

Recruitment Specialist - PT Elnusa Tbk

Melaksanakan Etika Perilaku Manajemen yang sesuai dengan corporate culture Elnusa dalam mencapai target dan nilai-nilai Perusahaan.
Menyusun dan melaksanakan rencana operasional Recruitment untuk memastikan agar seluruh proses rekrutmen berjalan sesuai dengan PTK dan sesuai dengan prosedur dan kebutuhan Perusahaan.
Melakukan proses candidate sourcing untuk memastikan ketersediaan kandidat yang dibutuhkan sesuai PTK dan MPP (Manpower Planning).
Melakukan psikotes dan membuat psikogram untuk menyediakan informasi analisa psikologi dari setiap kandidat yang diproses di dalam proses rekrutmen.
Melaksanakan kebijakan dan program HSE di fungsi kerjanya untuk memastikan agar seluruh aktivitas sesuai dengan kaidah dan ketentuan standar & prosedur HSE Elnusa, standar OHSAS 18001 dan standar ISO 9001.
Menjalankan program kerja yang terkait dengan kebutuhan Perusahaan untuk memastikan agar target dari program kerja Perusahaan berjalan sesuai dengan kebutuhan Perusahaan.

Candidate must possess at least Master's Degree / Post Graduate Degree in Psychology or equivalent. FRESH GRADUATE are welcome to apply.
Hold active Psychological Practical License (SIPP).
At least 1 year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position.
Preferably Supervisor / Coordinators specializing in Human Resources or equivalent.
Full-Time and Contract position available.

To apply, pls visit : Career at Elnusa

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