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Kamis, 23 Mei 2013


Definition of literature by HLB Moody in one of his book, Teaching literature : Literature relating to all aspects of human life and the universe as a whole. Surely that means that every literary work is about something, and the more people read, the better their minds will be stocked with knowledge. After we learned our literature will understand, know and be able to analyze any of the problems that exist in social life. In a literature class we can gain a lot of knowledge that exist in the literature and in cultural aspects us. Literature  very influential in our lives. In literary society pick several functions, namely:
·         Recreational function, the literature can provide entertainment for readers .
·         Function didactif, is  literary or educational reader able to direct because the values ​​of truth and
·         goodness contained therein.
·         Function aesthetic, that literature can give beauty to the reader.
·         The function of morality, the literature is able to provide knowledge to the readers know good morals, good as always contained literature.
·         A religious function, which produces literary works containing religious teachings exemplary literary readers.
 This is the benefit of studying literature
            Learn something not just to learn, but there are a useful thing for ourselves and for others around us. The benefits of understanding and studying the literature itself is:
Ø  Improving language skills.
Ø  Developing creativity and taste.
Ø  Increasing knowledge of the culture.
Ø   Support form the character or characters.
Ø  Adding the ability to socialize in the community.
Ø   Improving mental and social sensitivity.
Literature is essentially beautiful and true. In the sense of being contrary to the principles of truth. In connection with this Archibald Maclesh describe the wonderful nature of literature and philosophy, poetry as serious and as important as philosophy (science policy) and has similarities with the truth. Literature can also function frees the reader and the writer of emotional stress. This is termed by Aristotle with the word catharsis (catharsis), the release of the soul from the emotional pressures that exist  is a work of art (literature).
In the spectrum of human life called literary culture occupies a very important place. Among both eastern and western cultures since ancient existing presumption that a person familiar with the literature will be more fully human. Why? Because the literature supports creative power, can bridge the contradictions and wanted to express that is not revealed. The real world is presented and a literary work is not just limited to one aspect of reality, but rather a wide variety of ways. A person familiar with the world of literature will be familiar from the views of a single dimension only and openers for a variety of other dimensions. Finally, with a lot of war literature feel increasingly able stimulate to humanize himself. By reading the literature, one would increase the horizon of knowledge about all sorts of things; according to the material contained in the paper he was reading.

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