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Kamis, 23 Mei 2013

Summary The Novel Khilafa

Friday, 3 Ramadhan 1431 H, just after dawn prayers. Men - the curly haired boy sitting alone at the back of the bus seats sixteen in tumpanginya, a black backpack on his lap in place, according to passport records Safar name Abu Mujahid, he was from Yemen.
Women hijab standing in the middle of the corridor bent a little bit so there is a bias to see the city of Jerusalem mosque Al - Aqsa and Dome Shakrah. Mosque Al - Aqsa today is that in the wake Mejid permanently by Caliph Abdul Malik bin marwan of Umayyad kekhalifahab in 66 H and completed in 73 H. tragic events of burning mosque Al - Aqsa Mosque on August 21, 1969 has prompted the establishment of the Organization of the Islamic Conference currently consists of 57 countries.
The bus was down the Christian Quarter area east then turned in a derivative entering the complex. There's a bus driver slowed the vehicle because some Israeli soldiers stand in front of the road. One of them seems stretched hand guard - guard the twelve formations. Bus driver returned a moment and then whispered something in the guide that is not biased in this area pass, Israel blocked the area. There is a young man carrying bombs to suicide. The first troops had arrived at the door of the bus and walked up to the top. He directed their guns at it and then looked at the face of tourists one by one. One of the soldiers hit the young man called Bumi with rifle butts and  expel blood from his nose. He looked vague - vague future and see some of the other soldiers carrying rifles and laughed.
Forced out of the Bumi on the bus and arrived - arrived "BUS exploded" Bumi only survivor of the bus explosion. All passengers in the bus was already dead. Events in the Jerusalem bus bombing was stomping all people.
The Bumi - the only survivor of the bombing. He was abused by Israeli soldiers but persecution was the one who saved his life. In the United States the theme is the downfall of capitalism and Islam resurraction held at the Hilton Oak Lawn in Chicago. Thousands of people attend conferences and millions more watched it on television across America. About three hundred people at the demonstration outside the building carrying the U.S. flag and posters - posters that read "Freedom and Independence". One of the demonstrators shouted in front of reporters and said, "What are they doing in there seoranglah explaining that capitalism is dead and they will replace the system of Islamic government.
Today is Bumi learn to stand and walk. It had happened thirty minutes ago, but the Bumi is strong enough to deal with, mentally he is very healthy. Aurora has been called three times, once Multazam and Bumi also had to write an email to a few journalists in Indonesia. Her eyes are no longer swollen but still bruising, stomach throbbing and sometimes - sometimes it feels sore when he bent, his nose swollen to one direction. According to Dr. Marya fractured nose fracture at its peak. Anyway thank God he was - was saved from that event. He often imagined back. If he does not meet the Israeli army then what happens. Bumi looked fan beating - beating on his head and tried to close my eyes. Moments later two men stepped shiny tuxedo without knocking. Both the men's ask a few questions regarding the events of Bumi yesterday. Familiar with suicide bombers. Bumi was silent for a moment, Jonas could see little reaction in his eyes and he knew the Bumi know the person whose name the suicide bomber. Bumi allowed to return home and arrived at the hotel room where the Bumi stays. After the Bumi out of the hospital, he was informed that Hizbulllah threw six RPG rockets into Haifa northwest territory of Israel, and in return Israel is not only counter-attack to the north but also to the south, killing four children, one of the new only be brought by the Hamas youth group some time ago. Bumi could not see the faces of children - children like so sweet. Bumi was just about to turn around when a doctor stopped in his side. The doctor cut excess body shroud in one of the children to be used on the body to another.
After the Bumi back home Hasim heavy rain at the time. Of conversation this afternoon the Bumi know that Hasim was a cousin of Sheikh and the cube of four hundred square meters at the pengusian made in place of the victims of Israel's offensive in Gaza in the late 2008. Syaik become donors in the refugee camps and now the Bumi is in one room, lying cheek by jowl with rasyid and six other children on top of the bed shaking - shake because the hinge has lost the bolt. Bumi jumped up when her cell phone rang on the table. From his bed room listening to the sounds he captured a scene a few women are preparing diddapur eating a meal. Imam Ibn Khattab one of the very reformers in segani by tigak warring factions Hamas, Fatah and Israel, welcomed Shaikh Naggar and Bumi in his office behind a mosque in the area west of Rafah, stengah hours after dawn prayers. Imam looked towards the Bumi for a moment and then turned to Shaykh and said, "upheaval in Al - Quds in the month of Ramadan is beneficial for us in terms of public relations, but I'm just worried about the Israeli armed reaction against Gaza as they did some time ago. Stone heads ejecting the Bumi into a simple reason for this youth to strengthen the explanation that he was biased sheikh returned to the hospital. Bumi does not actually say he hit himself in the head with a rock, but his head strike concrete fell from the hospital when he was about to check back eyes still bruised.
House doctor Mayra is one semi-permanent buildings that use the west side an office Egyptian NGOs that are no longer in operation. Due consideration abduct, Shaikh has instructed people - the closest to not use the phone, pager, email or any digital communications, and all biases understand those reasons. So when the phone rang in the car on the way home hasim, Shaykh aghast. Number that appears on the screen is the number Hasim own. Hashim .The voice scream sounded half and half crying on the other side.
Three phones that each - each in addressed that each - each addressed to the head of the European Federation of Islamic Organizations (FIOE) director Al - Jazeera and became an official UNICEF Imam Khattab early warning against stress that the current peace talks aggressively pursued the United States. Imam deliberately not contacted the Arab League and the OIC, he knew exactly the reaction depends on the Saudi kingdom and it is tantamount to waiting for American attitude. FIOE chosen not only access to officials Imam Khattab Ngat good organization, but also milintasi Islamic movement in Europe at this time fairly quickly.
Exemption without syrat against self Rashid is a political move that fun parties, especially UNICEF, FIOE, and Al - Jazeera who has worked almost non-stop and almost the last twenty-four hours. But for Israel it was only an attempt to prevent the release of more widespread chaos and no effect - what the strategic plan they catch Chemistry expert Hamas, Abu Bakr Ali as the other plans are being tried in embodied is silent - silent. Rashid then be returned to her mother brought home to refugees belonging Hasim.
News of the disappearance of Imam Khattab mosque sheikh of making phone screaming cussing Ruben Jonas ear. The road that connects the mosque with Imam khattab turn inland office in a narrow corridor with a penetrating into the side of the road to the west. On the way out the Bumi was Shaikh and then parted. Bumi to see the doctor ordered Shaikh and Faisal mayra. He hastened they remain there until someone dating pick. After that use the priest's car, Syaik hurtling toward an unknown place. The Bumi knocking on the door when mayra was reading Al - Quran s account after dawn. Voice whispered - whispered that call his name out there in the know quickly. Mayra opened the door and jumped into the Bumi. Arrived - arrived there with a loud whirring sound. Bumi took a few steps, raised his hand and shouted in there, then he remembered how Syaih tells the story of Rachel Corie who died when bulldozers crushed the protest - which destroyed Palestinian houses evicted. Bumi instantly struck by one man who emerged from in bedroom with Faisal. The man whispered something to mayra and the doctor nodded and tried to calm the doctor still seems restless. Bumi looked back and he saw the bulldozer was moving toward them.  as if to tear - tore her thin body and make breakfast meals.
Facts population growth in the Muslim world today has hit the western world civilization and urged western civilization led by backing off. This movement is a  according Kaddafih over without war and weapons.
Southeast Asia is an advocate grow sizable Muslim population in Asia. of about six hundred million inhabitants divided in eleven countries in the region, Muslims population reached 260 million people. Therefore the conclusion of the contents of this novel is that the Caliphate or Imamate literally means general leadership over all the Muslims in the world to implement the law - sharia law and develop the message of Islam to all corners of the world. It is not the monarchy, republic, empire or federation. Khilafah is also not a sect leader. Khilafah is a promise, and the king Prophet has stated that the caliphate would be the best system and the last on Bumi who will unite all of humanity, not just Islam, in a one-world government under a leader.
            For over a century the world was filled by Binger hingar system of government created by the west. Above all it is the most successful system to infiltrate the thread - the thread of modern politics is democracy. Later this system was the one that gave birth to the capitalist system sekulrisme even communism that had become familiar ideological growing very rapidly in the country - countrbig as China, Russia, and even Indonesia. Therefore we must be conscious of upholding the right back to the teachings of Islam to all corners of the world on God's Bumi.

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