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Rabu, 22 Mei 2013


Can you mention, how many people can get rich using the internet as a source of money?
You do not know how many for sure. However, probably know that know there are many people who managed to make the Internet as a source of money. It could be your friends, students and others - others.
There is no official data that provide information on how many people are getting rich through internet. In addition it is also a lot of internet users who disguise themselves while doing the activity over the internet.
Joel Comm, generating average - average $ 500 per day from Google Adsense program does not include sales of e-booknya "Adsense Secrets".
Robert Clark is able to produce thousands of dollars per month by just selling advertising space on his blog.
Preston - Reuther earn $ 50,000 per month to guide people to make jewelry from home via http://wire-sculpture.com
1.1 Affiliate Program
The affiliate program is a program in which the owner of a blog or web page will get a commission if the transaction between the owner of the program to buyers through blogs or web affiliate.
Here are some affiliate programs that can be followed.
a.       Two - Tier Program
The company will commission member from direct sales and  generated from affiliates that have been successful in recruiting.
Example Two - Tier Program is Sitesell.com

b.      Pay per Sale
The company will member commission on every sale from your website. Sample Pay per Sale is Amazon.com


c.       Bounty
The Company will pay a bounty (gift) to you, after the visitors on sleigh to the merchant site. So, the visitor are buying directly from the merchant's site, you will not get anything - anything.

1.2 How To Make A Blog
The first step to create a blog for free are:
1.      Buddy is required to have an email address, I wear a suggestion from google gmail service. to create an email from the Google service you can go directly to Gmail, for more details, see picture below.

2.      The next step diform the data content of the data provided, do not forget the bottom click I accept the terms of service and privacy policy google, then click Next steps see the picturebelow. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-C6VypVbjCRU/UBJSH5Iy-DI/AAAAAAAAD2M/n40bzjSpZ9w/s640/Cara+membuat+blog+-+form+gmail+sudah+di+isi+lengkap.jpeg

3.      Next, click send verification code. look again at the picture below
4.      Now check your phone, if no verification code from google to try again a few minutes later, the picture below using a modem, so it can direct the verification code seen my laptop screen.

5.      Enter your verification code as below

6.      Welcome to your Gmail account, then click Continue to Gmail


7.      Until this process has been successfully Gmail account, now   ... the blog creation process.  no strings attached directly open a new tab in your browser ya buddy, or can simply press (Ctrl + T) to open blogger.com  .... email content and passwords stay the same as in my Gmail account earlier. then click Sign In

8.      The next blogger profile select pal, if only to create a blogger who should click the right. then click proceed to blogger.
9.      Up to this point my friend was successful in making the blog account, the next step please see the picture below for details. look good either stage 1, 2, and 3. This blog is written before the address is availableberarti blog name to my friend who has already made, please replace it with another, or to simply be able to add points behind the blog address, see the example that I circled on the number 2 below. then click create blog.

10.  Well now your blog is so, see the description below, the number 1 is the title of a blog that my friend made in the previous stage, and number 2 is start posting. alias to start creating articles.


11.  After clicking start posting buddy, it's time to make an article buddy ... pay careful attention to both are the steps in creating an article. course starting from the number 1  for details, see the picture below.
Step-by-step how to create a blog article:
Number 1 :  the title of the article will be published, be anything. Please express themselves through article mate, narcissistic ga also bans anyone
Number 2: is the content of the article, please compose freely, want to vent, love tips, tricks, info, or anything that my friend knew,  This article certainly many who like to blog .
Figure 3: a label, please fill anything. for example like this, for example, the title of the article my friend made was slimming tips, well, the label can be filled with healthy tips, or anything else. the ga disconnected if the label is filled with computer science.
Number 4: Well this stage is to see first article before it was published, if things go wrong can be justified first before the article was published.
Number 5: If in step 4 buddy is convinced, now just click Publish (Publish)


12.  The image below is an example article that had been published. and to view the article please click on the view. finish ....easy is not it?

13.  congratulations Work ,  for my friend who wanted to writing in the publication of his work in this blog please send an email to the article mate (fauzan.afdillah@ymail.com) do not forget to link your facebook yes. the article notes is the work itself and not the result of copy and paste from other blogs.

1.3 How To Make Money From Blogs
1        The first way is to sell products online, of course, the media takes the form of a blog. or so-called Online Store
2        The second is to review a product of the client and of course the review buddy buddy will get a reward, the amount of remuneration is usually relative, depending on mutual agreement. but usually this applies to blogs that already have a blog renowned prestige in the world of the Internet
3        The third way is by advertising, the most famous is Google Adsense, the pay is the dollar tablets, nah nah ... already started salivating dollar  . but other than that we can also outsource advertising from local services, aka the people's native Indonesia. one of dblognetwork.com, perkliknya rates are also averaging more than Rp. 1000, trying to imagine aja deh if it's crowded blog visitors and get 300 clicks per day average. grab a calculator, count yourself daily and monthly income so ..
4        The fourth option is to create a blog Affiliates, in terms of marketing the products of others pal, later if the transaction of your blog will get a commission, the amount of commission depends on the manufacturer of the affiliate program. one of the most famous affiliate service is Amazon.
5        The fifth way is to enter the contest, the contest is there some kind. some of which I've ever played is writing contests and contests Seo. seo contest itself is a race to get the top of the search engines. usually used as the jury is Google and yahoo. Whoever article can be in the order of first, second and third search engine that's usually the winner. But get ready to meet any buddy Seo contest champion champions. I stress again this is not an easy matter, for just starting to learn to make money from a blog is not recommended to use this method.
6        The latter is renting blog space to install advertising mate, the price is various kinds, depending on the number of visitors to your blog. so if the blog is still quiet, do not expect anyone want to put ads on your blog.

For example:

1.4  Next How To Get Monet From Website
An example is my own website http://www.program8milyar.com/fauzan07

8 Billion Program is an online business seeking referrals. This business is generating, the number of its members has reached 10,000 people. The way it works is easy to promote your own website with your username.
Every time someone joins through your replica website, automated account payee listed on the website is your account (as a Sponsor Level-1 for the buyer) and 4 other sponsor's account above you (Sponsor Level-2, 3, 4, and 5). So you will get income / commission from
every person who joins through your replica website or from those who join through the website replica member you 5 levels deep.

1.5 How To Increase Visitors Website And Blog
1)      Promotion of the search engine instance
Search engine is the first address of the currently most used to find information. therefore, do not take the risk of using software that can submit to thousands of search engines because it is likely considered spamming.

2)      Through internet directory
Place your Adsense URL on as many internet directory
E.g : http://dmoz.org

3)      Classified Ads
Register your url in your adsense ads as many lines. look in the classifieds in search engines with keyword free classified ads.
E.g : iklanjoglo.com
4)      E-mail Signature
Url Adsense sure you sent each time you send an email to create an email signature

5)      Forum Online
After saving the url in your email signature, join as many online discussion forums and                 mailing list.

6)      Link / banner exchange
Do banner or link exchange url with other domain owners. link exchange will help gain  link popularity

7)      Marketplace
Marketplace is a kind of online marketplace where sellers and buyers meet online. until now, the promotions marketplace is still considered a fast way to get buyers.

8)      kumpulblogger.com
Kumpulblogger.com is a network of Indonesian bloggers to earn extra income alternatives by    providing Spott / room in this blog as a place to convey commercial messages from advertisers.
9)      Pay per Clik
Adsense URL advertise with PPC services means that you are willing to pay a sum of money that you can set yourself for every click that is done on your ads.
E.g : http://trimurtiklik.com

10)   Google Adwords and Adsense
Google Adwords is an advertising program that allows advertisers promotion through Google PPC costs are determined
Google AdSense is an ad that leave little space on the blog page tau website of the advertiser will get rewarded for his services in placing ads - these ads.
Once you apply you will receive ordered items that produce or you will become a millionaire from the internet.

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