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Sabtu, 18 Mei 2013

How to Register Google Adsense with Indonesian Language Blog

Google Adsense is a PPC program is on offer Google for blog or website owners to display relevant ads on your blog or website and blog or website owner will get paid from Google for each ad clicked by visitors. For additional information once the list had to use Google Adsense blogs or websites that use English as the primary language, but now a blog or website in Indonesia can be registered. If we are diligent in at it then this will be a source of additional income for the family, even some Indonesian adsense publisher (publisher: the name for the blog or website owners that show AdSense ads) that can earn thousands of dollars a month from the program.
How do I sign up for Google Adsense?
Have a Google account and make a blog on blogger / blogspot.
First you must have a Google account, then make a blog or website that contains specific content that you think is interesting to discuss, I suggest using blogger / blogspot, because as one of Google's products will have added value and special consideration in the application process Adsense account.
Posts with original and quality content.
Keep posting regularly, preferably every day, I really like the new posting high quality original and not just copy-paste, allowed to use the Indonesian language because it now has support Adsense Google Adsense Indonesian language, use the Indonesian language properly. After posting quite a lot, at least 8 to 10 blog posts you've already registered with Google Adsense program.
Sign up for Google Adsense
How to sign up for Google Adsense can be directly from the blog, if you are using blogger / blogspot blogspot search through the dashboard monetize tab. Or you can also go directly to the page Google Adsense click APPLY NOW in the upper right corner, follow the prompts and enter your blog URL address that you just created, for example http://site-training.blogspot.com/. Fill in your personal data to the original identity because the data is to be used in paying Google Adsense earnings. Once the submission process is complete wait 48 hours then you will be notified via e-mail that your Adsense account application is accepted or rejected. More details, please visit the AdSense Help.
By having a Google Adsense account you can start to earn additional income through the Internet that can help manambah income families. Next you just to maintain a blog in order to get traffic / visitors by doing Search Engine Optimization or commonly called SEO for your blog to appear on the first page SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Good luck, hopefully this article useful.

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