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Sabtu, 18 Mei 2013

Blogger Success story from Indonesia, Income Hundreds of Millions

Kisah Blogger Sukses Indonesia
The world of internet marketing has become a new thing and not enough demand by the people of Indonesia when compared with some foreign countries such as India, Singapore, China, and others. The potential revenue that can be achieved from the internet marketing could be considered extraordinary. By just sitting in front of your PC or Laptop we can make money in the tens and even hundreds of millions via the Internet. Well, this is precisely what is done by a successful blogpreneur from Makasar, Asri Tadda.
Asri start blogging in late 2012, he initially wrote a few articles on the blog only for personal use, vent-vent line was termed. His passion in writing makes a man who lectures at the Medical Faculty of Hasanuddin University increasingly crazy with blogging activities. Even the busy college sidelines, he often truant hung in the cafe near campus.
Time continued until finally he found a bright spot of blogging activity during the time he did. He gradually began to recognize Monetizing Blog. Blog monetizing is how we earn money through blogging activities undertaken.
He began his pace through one adversiting blog developed by Google called Google Adsense. From there he had some time to earn $ 400 USD that he used to menraktir his friends on campus. Journey continues to grow until finally he had a steady income averaged $ 1000 USD per month.
Time passed until finally he gets banned or fired from Google for reasons of inadequate knowledge about blogging and also the english mediocre and still seem messy (first Google adsense support not Indonesian so we have to create blogs for the English language could follow this program, now, starting early in 2012 Google Adsense has support Indonesian).
He did not give up, until he followed akhrinya programs make money another blog that is paid review program. With a collection of 50 number one blog on blogspot free hosting providers, all of which speak English blog. From there he continued to fight for dollar coins.
Time passed until finally he gets the revenue from the sale of a minimum number of links in the form of Paypal that can be taken is $ 100. Then Asri buy hosting services for U.S. $ 95 and U.S. $ 10 domain. Thus, the official Asri move from a free blog to professional blog. "My biggest challenge at the time, I do not know marketing and mediocre English language," he said.
After the move to self-hosting, Asri reckless founded several businesses, including buying and selling online article called Article Trade. "The earnings. Could sell 50 articles a day. Whereas a 200 word article can be priced at a price of U.S. $ 5. Writer for a fee of U.S. $ 2, get in my pocket U.S. $ 3," recalls Asri.
In addition to Article Trade business, Asri also set up an internet marketing business that is other SEO services (Search Engine Optimatization), blog advertising network, classified ad services, and others. Of all the online business which he elaborated that, Asri can reap a turnover of about USD 300 million but, he only helped about 13 employees.
ITVEST continues to grow, in 2008 he managed to get second place Young Entrepreneur event (WMM) national level. "At first I did not think would be the winner, because I think that my business was not real tekuni everything online, not visible by naked eye. Yet thank God I was able to get the runner." Asri said.
Success in the arena of independent entrepreneurs into considerable energy. When I reached home, Asri with some friends founded a company called AstaMediaGroup. The company is engaged in the field of internet marketing, including setting up a blog first school in Asia.
How you are interested in following in the footsteps Asri Tadda?

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