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Sabtu, 18 Mei 2013

Adsense For Youtube: How To Register And Install Google Adsense in Youtube Video

Adsense For Youtube: How To Register And Install Google Adsense in Youtube Video
Adsense For Youtube, how we can put google adsense ads on youtube videos. Previously you must first create a gmail account Afterwards connect to YouTube. 1 or 2 uploaded videos that do not infringe copyright. Usually the most vulnerable is violating copyright music. so if you make any video there is music, better find a free course in order to secure copyright.
Further, after uploading a video, click on the Settings tab and then see sidebar YouTube menu on the left
Click on Monetization
After clicking Monetization, the message will appear if YouTube or you can not use GA to dimonetize.
if your YouTube account is enabled, there will be a button Monetize videos
If this step until smooth then hopefully smoothly.
Next, scroll down and look for the words. How will I be paid?
and click on the message will appear as shown below:
"You must associate an AdSense account to your YouTube account in order to be paid\"
click the link to associate an AdSense account and will appear the message that essentially will be redirected to an existing Adsense account or if you do not have a adsense account then you can register a new.
Click the next button below the message, and this is where you create the opportunity get a new Adsense account for YouTube. If the process is completed, the list will be redirected back to your YouTube account.
Final steps, click video manager on the tab on the left menu. Later the image will appear like this:
* If the $ appears bright green button next to the video, it means you\'ve successfully dimonetize video. But, if buttonnya green gray, meaning your video is still waiting for the review to dimonetize.
* If the $ appears white button, meaning you Keith monetize video. To monetize, check the video and then scroll up and click the Actions menu, make the button appear dah monetize.
* To see the Adsense earnings on YouTube, can see in the menu analytics
Adsense account through youtube who register can only be installed on youtube and blogspot course, to be installed in the hosting live self Add blog site on google adsense menu and wait for the reviews from google team. If you already receive free adsense account in pairs on any site.
For those who fail to register adsense through youtube can use other ways it\'s easier.
Please download an ebook here
May be useful

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